The History of the Guest Book

Keeping track of guests through a  paper guest book or visitor's log is an age old tradition that began centuries ago. Commonly found at weddings, funerals or churches for recording the history of visitors, it can also be commonplace to find them in Bed & Breakfast Inns as well as in upscale homes and guest cottages.  When used for weddings and bridal or baby showers, it is a fun keepsake to look back upon years later and recall all the loved ones who took part in that special day.

Design Your Own Guest Register

Customize the look of your classic wedding day with our beautifully hand crafted monogrammed guest book. Perfectly paired with your wedding decor to match any color scheme. Choose your fabric, monogram style and thread color for a unique and upscale keepsake.  

Hand Made With Care

 Our custom books are hand created in Nashville, TN. They are beautifully crafted and custom padded for a luxurious feel. Choose your font and thread color and add a ribbon if desired for a truly preppy and personalized wedding reception. These embroidered guest books also make a great choice for vacation homes and baby showers. Keep track of all of your guests in one place for years to come. Nothing welcomes people to any special occasion or event quite like a personalized guest book. 
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