Congratulations! Your sweet little bundle of joy is on the way. Time to prepare for the arrival of your new family member. Celebrating the birth of a baby is such an exciting time. Special friends and family members will want to make this event special by purchasing unique gifts for your newborn.

Create a Registry With Ease

You can help ease the burden of wondering what to buy for that special little one by creating a gift registry for your upcoming event. There are so many fun and luxurious items you can select to add to your registry that will be so fun for your baby to receive. Choose details such as thread color, monogram style and custom design information to make giving personalized baby gifts a breeze. Choose a set of monogrammed bibs so that you are covered for every meal time need. Design them with whatever fonts and shades you prefer. Dinnertime has never been so much fun.  An embroidered minky dot blanket is a best seller and can be customized to match your nursery décor.

Add A Variety of Items

You will want to make sure to include a wide range of products as well as price ranges. Some guests, such as mothers and grandmothers, tend to want to splurge on a fabulous and unique gift for your baby. For these instances add a monogrammed crib bedding set or dust ruffle and sheets in your choice of color scheme. You may choose to add baby's initials to the bumper pads, throw pillow or crib blanket. By selecting your favorite set and adding it to your registry, they can purchase a luxurious gift for you that they know you will love. Choose from custom knit baby blankets as well as accent pieces for the nursery.

Include All Price Ranges

Make sure to include numerous products that are inexpensive but useful for day to day needs. Custom embroidered burp cloths, bloomer covers and linen baby pillows are wonderful choices that friends love to purchase. Add your personalization request info to the listing and you have made it incredibly simple for shower guests and friends. Three Marthas bibs and towels are a best seller and a classic favorite with our customers because of their high quality construction as well as how well they hold up wash after wash. Choose from a baby sized towel or even the larger towels for children. Those are simply perfect for big brother or sister gifts.

Think of Older Child Gifts Too

While it is wonderful to receive so many great items for newborns, those babies do grow and it is also a blessing to receive gifts for as the baby gets bigger. A custom personalized plate and bowl set for children is a lovely gift idea that will be used over and over again. Personalized t-shirts for kids are great for 1st birthday celebrations as well as any other day of the year. Preppy children's clothing is also a great staple to have to add to the closet for future wear. A monogrammed seersucker backpack and matching lunchbox are quite handy to have for the first day of preschool. Those babies grow so fast, you will be so happy to have items for your baby as he or she grows up.

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