Hosting a baby shower can be such a fun way to participate in the upcoming arrival of a new bundle of joy. New moms love to be pampered and showered with gifts for their new baby. To make sure that a great time is had by all in attendance we have put together some guidelines to follow for a fabulous party and some great tips for baby shower gift ideas.

Baby Showers

The modern day baby shower began in the 1940's and 50's during the baby boom era. So many new babies were being welcomed into the world after the war that it became customary to "shower" the new mom with gifts and goodies to make sure she had all she needed to take care of her new child. Since then, they have evolved to become quite a special occasion. 

The Hostess

Tradition dictates that a close friend, or group of friends should be host the gathering. It is not appropriate for a mother or sister to throw a shower for the mom -to-be. A distant relative is acceptable to host, such as an aunt or a cousin. This rule came into play to keep it from appearing that the shower for the new mother was simply a way to collect baby gifts. 
It is important to remember the hostess or hostesses and thank them appropriately with a token of gratitude. A personalized hostess gift is a a thoughtful way to say thank you. A monogrammed necklace, earrings or bracelet is a classic personalized option that will be cherished for years to come.

The Guest List

Close friends and family are generally the majority of the guest list. Sometimes co-workers will be included as well. It is important to consult the guest of honor to ensure that all invitees are included appropriately. It should be taken into consideration as to whether or not it would be appropriate to ask that person to purchase a shower gift since this is the expectation at a baby shower. 

It has become more and more popular to include men on the guest list, however this does change the dynamic of the party. It needs to be decided whether you want the traditional all woman party with talk of classic baby clothing and talk of newborn tales, or whether a couples party experience is more to the vibe of the group. Also, consider the personality of the dad-to-be, some may love sharing in every aspect of spotlight, while others may be uncomfortable with the idea of being a guest of honor at a baby shower. The mom-to-be should be the one to make this call. 

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

It is expected that gifts will be opened at the shower and guests like to see the mom-to-be open their special gift with others present. Some great shower gift ideas range from burp cloths, layette sets, newborn gowns and caps, custom baby blankets, crib bedding and baby clothing. Add a monogram or embroidered name if the baby's gender is known and your gift is sure to be a big hit. Every new mom loves something personalized for her new little one. Engraved silver gifts and monogrammed baby books are a classic favorite for any shower gift. Both are a long standing tradition and will become keepsakes for years to come. 
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