The History of Women's Hats

Head wear for women has an interesting place in history. Hats for women began appearing around the middle ages when the church decided that women could no longer appear in worship time without a covered head. In the 18th century the millinery business began to take off. The milliner created hats and bonnets for women to accessorize outfits even in ancient times. The term "milliner" comes from the city of Milan where most of the finest straw hats and custom made head wear was created during the 1700's.

In the 1800's the floppy brim became quite popular for women to keep the sun off of fair skin and complexions since the parasol had not yet reached its popularity. The trend to carry an umbrella over your head on a sunny day as an accent an outfit would come later in the century.

In the 1830's the sun bonnet began to grow in popularity. The fabric tie that held the hat in place was functional and held a place in society as a elite piece of clothing. Custom made of different fabric types to accompany an elegant outfit, these women's head coverings were vital to keeping away a sunburn in warmer climates.

Hats for Women in Modern Day

Today the hat is not as commonly seen in day to day clothing for women, however it can still make quite an impact when paired with the correct ensemble. The horse race circuit makes for a perfect opportunity for ladies to sport their favorite monogrammed derby hats in style. Accented with embroidered initials in any font and thread color to complete any sun dress and sandal getup. The Kentucky Derby makes for a beautiful display of women's fancy and floppy hats. 

For a more casual look, the personalized sun visor is a favorite. Whether on the tennis court or golf course, it makes for a wonderful way to keep the sun out of her eyes and damaging sun rays off of the face. Monogrammed ball caps for ladies are so much fun for any day of the year. Whether they are worn to the gym, to the pool or just out and about to run errands around town, it is a stylish way for the preppy girl to show off her embroidered initials on the go. 
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