Monogrammed Owl Taggie Lovie
Monogrammed Taggie Lovie

Monogrammed Owl Taggie Lovie

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Pink owl sits atop this colorful satin lined lovie blanket. Just under 14 square with 23 Taggies ribbons.. Personalized in the corner of the lovie with your choice of name or monogram.

Ships in 1-2 weeks.

What's up with the Tags?

Taggies was born when a mom noticed her child s fascination with satin tags. Her observation blossomed into a world of favorite and beloved products. Rubbing Taggies soft, textured tags can provide the tactile stimulation that all babies crave for development while having an amazing calming effect on babies of all ages. Babies are inherently attracted to tags. They crave sensory experiences from birth because they learn primarily through their senses. Stimulating the senses sets the stage for learning as well as physical, emotional, and social development, so it's vital that parents satisfy that need. Taggies adorable satin tags don t just look cute they satisfy the need for tactile stimulation.

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