Every preppy girl loves to sport her gorgeous and classic style by combining bright colors that are an eye pleaser. Monograms take your look to a whole new level. Embroidered and customized for you, there is no better way to bring such a gorgeous personal touch to your collection of clothes.

Choose Classic Pieces

Playing dress up is fun at any age, but personalized clothing for women takes this timeless practice delightful for ladies of any age. Accent your closet with large monograms on a custom t-shirt or sweatshirt. Initials in a large font are a newly trending and fun to wear for fun in any season. Embroidered with your choice of thread colors and font style, you can bring a fun touch to just about any accessory in your arsenal of accessories. Choose a monogrammed trench coat for those colder days in fall and winter. Available in black, classic and gorgeous navy blue, or coral for a chic look in cool weather.

Accented with a Scarf

Scarves are here to stay! They are everywhere these days. Infinity scarves are available in so many different patterns and shades that you can liven up any sweater or dress. An embroidered scarf is the perfect holiday gift to use in the winter months and to coordinate with your favorite coat or jacket. These monogrammed scarves are available in so many assorted colors and styles and can be finished off with your favorite accent thread color and initial font. Great for added style, but the personalization also helps prevent your scarf from being mixed up with someone else's at a party or gathering.

Finish With The Perfect Shoe

Talk about a fun way to put some prep in your step, custom monogrammed shoes are the perfect touch for any classic jeans day or dress up your favorite sun dress with classic leather sandals created just for you with your embroidered initials. Needlepoint loafers and mules are the ultimate in preppy and are fully customizable in any two yarn colors. They are even available in leopard and zebra styles that are incredibly unique to fit your personality!

Prep Up Your Look

Add a beautiful sash with your initials to any outfit and you have instant glam and poise. They are beautiful when adorned with floppy sun hats around the brim - a great way to celebrate your preppy style at the horse races this year! Choose your seersucker color and thread plus font style for a look that is incredibly unique and so very chic. The embroidery accents this gorgeous accessory and makes for a great look for maternity wear or simply to use as a belt with your favorite slacks or skirt.

Whatever the look you are going for, add a personal touch that is just for you with yummy handbags and purses in any color you prefer to accent your custom style. Pull it all together with the shoes and jewelry for a look that will be ready for the runway or red carpet!

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