Exchanging snail mail is an old school past time that the upcoming generation will need to learn in order to be able to write a proper thank you note. The art of writing letters has sadly become a dying art. 

Let's bring back the beautiful calligraphy style letters with some fabulous monogrammed stationery and folded note cards. 

 In this digital age, many young men and women are relying on the use of email and social media for interaction. In this age of smartphones, text messaging and tablets, it is imperative that children learn to write properly and just the right kind of stationery is the way to get started. 

Here are some ideas to get started.

Sending Letters Home From Camp

Pack your children for summer camp with his or her very own personalized stationery with a name printed at the top. They will love to write newsy letters home all about their fun and exciting adventures at camp. Make corresponding with your child even easier with a self inking personalized return address stamp. There are so many designs to choose from to fit your personality. If you have a flair for all things nautical, choose the anchor design in the center of your name and address information. 

Make Wedding Mailings a Breeze

A monogram is a fun addition to a custom address stamp for that newly married couple. Speaking of newly married couples, a stamp for your return address is vital for mailing all those wedding mailings. Use them for everything from save the date mailings to the actual wedding invitation roll out. 

With so many ink colors available with each design option, the custom personalized possibilities are endless. These stamps are a favorite and best selling housewarming gift for real estate agents to give to new homeowners or for friends who have just moved into a new house. They will be thrilled with such a thoughtful and unique gift that is sure to be used again and again.

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