Traveling somewhere this season? Sometimes being on the go can seem quite daunting, so we have compiled some of our favorite tips for traveling in preppy style.

Carry a Large Tote Bag

So we all know the rule about one carry one tote bag and one personal item, which for the preppy girl usually is a  monogrammed purse or handbag. If you choose a large enough tote, it will allow you to carry all your onboard essentials for making the trip from one city to the next while looking your best. Make sure to include a hairbrush, sunglasses, mirror and your makeup bag or toiletry case. It is always a good idea to keep these items with you on the plane in the event that your luggage doesn't make to the airport with you.

Luggage For The Preppy Girl

Now that you have your carry on bag take care of, the next important step to cover is the luggage you will use to sport your clothing from one airport to the other. A duffle bag is always a light way to go, or a weekender canvas bag can come in handy for those shorter visits. For longer vacations that will last more than just a few days, a full-on suitcase is the best option. Rolling bags are all the rage for air travel these days and we tend to agree that this was an excellent invention. When traveling with lots of clothes that will need to be washed, make sure to include a lightweight personalized laundry bag to keep all your soiled linen altogether. Another great piece to include in your luggage ensemble is a monogrammed garment bag. Make sure that yours is personalized so that you will have no trouble locating your bag as opposed to ending up with someone else's.

Tag Your Bag

Make sure your bag stands out in the crowd by tying a brightly colored ribbon or scarf to your suitcase. A custom monogrammed luggage tag is a great way to quickly identify your bag as it comes off the baggage claim turnstile. Made of hard melamine plastic that is both durable and cute at the same time. These tags can be custom designed in any two colors that can match décor, luggage colors or simply show off your school spirit with team colors. Whatever your choice, these luggage tags are a great gift for any new graduate or even for someone who recently moved to a new home because you don't think about needing a new luggage tag after a move until likely the night before you leave. She will be so thankful for such a thoughtful gift when she realizes she didn't have to remember to grab these for herself because you did!

Bring a Jacket

It is commonly known that airplanes tend to be 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the outside temps so make sure to bring along a jacket to keep you warm. A light raincoat can do double duty with warmth as well as rain gear during your trip. Wearing a jacket or puffy vest will make more room in your suitcase as well for another cute outfit.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You never know when you are going to have to hoof it to get to a connecting gate in time for takeoff, so it is best to leave the spiked heels at home (or at least in the suitcase). A ballet flat or loafer is a much better option for getting around on travel days. If your travels take place in the winter our monogrammed clogs or loafers are some of the most comfortable shoes you will put on your feet. They are perfectly stylish in any color scheme you choose but are simply fabulous for keeping your feet in check when you are on the go.

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